Healing Images

In the spring of 2015, I received an interesting call from Nature Photographer, Dewitt Jones. He invited me to participate in a project to bring breathtaking, photographic images to the blank walls of hospitals. Dewitt has gathered a numbered of fine art nature photographers that are willing to donate their work to be displayed on the walls of hospitals around the country. The objective is to create a positive, healing surrounding in an otherwise visually sterile environment. The benefits are multiple, ranging from stress reduction, decreased need for pain medication, lower blood pressure and higher patient satisfaction. Visitors and employees also benefit from being in a more pleasing environment created by serene photographs.

A few weeks after agreeing to join in the group of contributing photographers, I found myself in the emergency room in a local hospital. There was not one image on the walls, so I was left to focus on the monitors, x ray machines, etc. I now know from first hand experience that I would have been much less nervous if I had a contemplative photograph to concentrate on. My personal experience has made me even more enthusiastic about the goal of Healing Images and it has encouraged me to photograph images that will in some small way relieve someone else’s anxiety.